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Evaluating Environmental Performance and Regulation of Enterprises in Europe (EPREE)

The EPREE network supports a pan-European approach to environmental regulation by bringing together pertinent data resources and research competence.

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Learn more about EPREE's goals and current research output.

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EPREE Members

Our network spans across Europe. Learn more about countries where we are present, as well as current members.

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Carbon Footprints of European Manufacturing Jobs: Stylized Facts and Implications for Climate Policy                 
Author(s): Ulrich J. Wagner, Dana Kassem, Andreas Gerster, Jurate Jaraite, Marit E. Klemetsen, Marita Laukkanen, Ralf Martin, Jakob Roland Munch, Mirabelle Muûls, Laure de Preux, Knut Einar Rosendahl, Sandra Schusser

This paper presents first results from a new European-wide research network for evidence-based climate policy. Using administrative data on industrial firms in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden, we construct harmonized measures of carbon dioxide emissions per job. We characterize the distribution of this measure and explore how it varies across countries, two-digit industries, and over time. We relate those changes to participation in the EU Emissions Trading System – Europe’s flagship climate policy instrument since 2005.


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EPREE is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) through CRC TR 224, Project B7, at University of Mannheim.